I’m Back, Sort of, but

I never really left.  I’ve viewed this site daily for many many years, and although much of it is out of date, I do notice that it gets hits virtually every week and I sense that it’s still helpful to people and for that I’m grateful to our great God.  I see that a number of you check the site for help with filtering and that’s HUGE as proper filtering has helped me greatly in my battle.  I also see that a number of you check the topic “Is masturbation/porn really a sin?” and I know that’s a controversial topic, and I intend to address that subject.  And a number of you have inquired about where can you find/join a purity group.  All the groups listed sadly no longer exist, however, as you read this we’re starting one right here, right now.

So I welcome your questions, comments, prayers, I’m here to serve and I admit this will help me too.  I also plan to write about and address men’s discipleship issues as this has been my God given ministry for many years.  May this bear fruit for the kingdom, make men godly pure men and to God be the glory,  in Jesus’ Name, amen, alleluia!

John 15:7-12 1 Cor 10:31

Dave Mozdin

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