HELP!  I need to talk to someone NOW!  Can you help?  CLICK HERE

So how can Disciples For Purity help us?  CLICK HERE

How is Disciples for Purity different from the others?    CLICK HERE

I’d like to get a Disciples for Purity group in my church.  How do I do that?  CLICK HERE

Isn’t it “okay to be gay?”  If a person is born this way, isn’t it a natural expression of their sexuality?  How can you say that it’s wrong on not natural?  Are there health risks of gay sex?  CLICK HERE for physician’s study.

We don’t really have an issue with sexual sin in our church…why Disciples for Purity?  CLICK HERE

Are there any statistics that tell us what’s going on with sexual sin?  CLICK HERE

I’m interested in joining a Men’s Purity Group.  How do I find one in my area?  CLICK HERE

So what exactly do YOU mean by “discipleship” and “disciples?” CLICK HERE

So what exactly is “Accountability”?  CLICK HERE

Is porn really SO bad?  I get that it’s not all good but at least I’m not involved sexually with someone.  CLICK HERE

Is masturbation and/or porn really a sin? CLICK HERE

Why save sex for marriage?  In current culture, is this a reasonable standard?  CLICK HERE

NOTE:  We are adding FAQ so please come back and visit us.  We would also appreciate ANY questions you might have.  Drop us a line.  As we see a question often repeated, we will include it in FAQ.

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