How exactly can Disciples for Purity help us?

That depends on what your needs and desires are.  Our mission expresses our goal.  We are committed to helping Christ-centered churches establish and maintain vibrant, effective, God-honoring sexual purity ministries for men to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.  That’s our “sweet spot.”

Are you a church?  Do you have a purity ministry now?  Are you an organization dedicated to helping men achieve purity but you are not under a local church?  Are you an individual?  Do you lead a purity ministry?  Are you actively battling sexual sin?  These are just some of the questions in our contact sheet.  By completing this short questionnaire, you will help us help you.  And we DO NOT share any of your information with anyone, nor will you receive junk mail from us.  We only use your input to determine how  we can best help you.  We are also happy to help direct you to a more appropriate resource if that is the best way we can help you.

Contact Information

    Thank you for your interest.

Please fill in as much information as you can so we can best serve you.

Pref. Title: (Mr. Mrs. Dr. Miss Rev or other.)
Your Name:____________________________________________
Mailing Address: ________________________________________
Physical Address (if different):_______________________________
City:________________________ State:____ Zip:_____________

Primary Phone:____________________(home, office  cell, fax)
2nd Phone:____________________ (home, office cell, fax)

Primary e-mail: ____________________ (personal, work)
2md e-mail: _______________________(personal, work)
Other e-address:_____________________ (instant msg, etc.)
Which social networking sites are you on?________________________
Please check all that apply and provide details so we can better serve you.

___I/we represent my/our church
Church name:______________________________
Average attendance at church service is : ____________
Church Address:_____________________________
City: ___________________State: ____Zip: _______
____Our church has a “Men’s Ministry”
(Contact name):______________________________
____Our church is seeking to establish a purity ministry
____We have experienced sexual sin in our church

OR: I/we do NOT represent our church, but:

____We are a ministry within our local church and under our church’s
____I am an individual investigating purity ministries
____We are a mission agency or organization*
____We are a “para-church” ministry*
____We are a recognized not-for-profit*
____We are a gov’t agency*

*Provide the name of your organization, ministry
or agency below and  your contact info

Name: _______________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________
City: __________________________State: ______Zip: _________

____We have a web/blogsite:_______________________________
How did you hear about DFP?_______________________________ ____________________________________________________
How can we specifically help you?_____________________________

I prefer if you contact me first by:

____Phone – the best time to reach me is: ________________
____Primary e-mail or at:_____________________
____By mail.

Simply copy/paste this form into an e-mail and e-mail us (or copy paste and complete your form in the “Leave a Reply” section below.  We will review it confidentially.  IT WILL NOT BE PUBLICLY POSTED).

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