Resources for Victims

“At age 17, I was raped.  By 27, I lived in despair, thinking the only way to end the pain was to end my life.  By the time I turned 37, my life was and now is filled with hope,joy, and peace.  What happened?  God met me in the center of my pain, and using the power and truth of His Word, He taught me who I am in Jesus and who He is.  In his character, I found the perspective and possibility I needed to learn to live with my pain and use it for His glory, blessing others and growing my faith.”


This intense pain to powerful healing is the  path Carol Jenkins describes in Healing the Past God’s Way,  a book designed for women and men who have been abused, who have been broken by shattered pasts or who are struggling through difficult  circumstances and thorny relationships.  The book takes biblical principles and teaches us to apply them to our lives and and our hearts as we work through issues of identity, of faith in who God really is and of restoration of relationship both with God and with those around us.  The book was first created as a ministry tool for the FOCis (Finding Out Christ is Sufficient) ministry at Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows, IL.  It has been taught in a classroom for over a decade and  it lends itself both to individual study (with application and quiet time material at the end of each chapter) but also to small group studies or ministry applications.

Today, Carol continues to lead in the FOCiS  ministry, helping others who have been devastated by sexual sin.  You can order the book directly from Carol’s website, which also has many additional resources to help to those victimized by sexual sin.

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