Comments/Feedback about Disciples for Purity

From attendees at the “Call to Purity” DFP event in Fort Jackson, SC (July 22-23, 2011) (NOTE:  attendees are active duty chaplains and newly commissioned chaplains going through the Chaplains Basic Officer Leadership Course – CHBOLC):

“Thanks again Dave for your and Tim’s ministry to us.  I’m meeting with 2 guys now and going through At the Altar with them.  There have continued to be confessions and repentance as a result of what God is doing after the conference.  I just got another email tonight from a student.  Wow, I’ve never experienced this in all my time of ministry in the Army.”

“Needs to be continually addressed, made known.  This is challenging, encouraging & empowering…it’s great to have contacts so we’re not alone.”

“I will do this everywhere I go and most importantly, my life.”

“I wish we had more.  I know I needed it.”

“This was outstanding to allow me to look at my heart.  Great interaction and open to answering questions.  Study time (small group) and group discussion were great.”

“Very deep and real.  Lots of excellent resources, notes and advice.  Excellent program with Christ-centered focus.”

“They nailed it head on.”

“This is good – I did enjoy it – I learned and will strive harder for my own purity.”

“It addresses the issue head on from a biblical perspective – Thank you.”

“Upfront, confrontational, relevant.”

“Thanks so much for a great blessing!”

Comments from Miami, FL event (Mar, 2011):

” Now I know I can change because there IS hope and help…”

“We weren’t aware of some of the more subtle temptations that exist in our culture… We understand better how clearly and thoroughly God’s Word deals with this.”


From an attendee at the Scandaga event (Sept 17-18, 2010):

“The buzz from the Sacandaga weekend where you both ministered to us guys continues to be hot with excitement and anticipation.  Last night at our Monday night meeting we began the Discipleship Accountability C.R.A.M.P. committment.  We randomly formed accountability partners and worked through the hand out sheet line by line.  The group 25 – 30 guys was very pumped up at the meeting about what the Lord has in store for us all.  We expect the Holy Spirit to break out in life changing ways as we begin to practice what you have brought to us. The Word that you brought has fallen on fertile soil.  We know that trust has to be built as we begin this journey but the willingness to embark on this road is strong.  We are praying for the tearing down of strongholds and that the Lord would take us to new places as men individually and as a mens group as we reach out to other men.”

From a leader of a DFP men’s purity group at a local church:

Wesley Deem says:

May 12, 2010 at 7:48 am (Edit)

I just wanted to thank you guys for what you do and being available to serve our Lord in this way. I graduated from Pure Life in November, 2008 and at the ’09 Alumni Conference God really impressed upon me to talk to Dave. I did and we talked about setting up a group in my church. God provided the means to do this in my local church and we started a class that fall. Now we are in the middle of the second book and I know that I am able to make an impact here for Jesus because of your faithfulness. So again I wanted to convey my heartfelt thanks as this has also pushed me in my walk with the Lord in ways I didn’t expect, but very much so welcome. May God continue to bless and give the grace and mercy we all need so much. And again, thank you.

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